‘Metro: Last Light’ Pre-Order Bonuses


Deep Silver and All Interactive Entertainment have recently confirmed the Australian pre-order bonuses for Metro: Last Light.







In addition to the standard game, players who pre-order from:


  • EB Games will receive the Ranger Mode DLC and the acclaimed Metro 2033 paperback novel


  • JB Hi-Fi will receive the Special Edition in-game RPK light machine gun and a Metro LED handheld torch

Recommended for Metro veterans, Ranger Mode offers the ultimate challenge, featuring a HUD-free display for increased immersion, deadlier combat, and dramatically limited resources such as ammunition and gas mask filters. Players who dare to rise to the challenge will benefit from a unique Ranger load out, including an exclusive weapon, the Russian AK-SU, and be rewarded with additional 100 military grade rounds with which to customise their starting equipment.

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Metro: Last Light is a first-person shooter and the highly anticipated sequel to the extraordinary Metro 2033.

In the year 2034, a nuclear war has turned the world into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. In Moscow, the tunnels of the Metro have become a new home for the former inhabitants of the city. Within the catacombs, they fight for their survival, fending off hordes of hideous mutants born from the toxic atmosphere, as well as other factions desperate to take control of what little hospitable land remains.

As they fight, they also search for a doomsday device that could be the key to their victory. A civil war is inevitable. During these dark hours, the players will embody Artyom, and become the last light for all of mankind.

—— —— ——

The plot of Metro: Last Light was written by Dmitry Glukhovsky, acclaimed author of the novel Metro 2033 which inspired the creation of both video games. He is responsible for all the dialogue in Metro: Last Light.

Glukhovsky’s novels Metro 2033 and Metro 2034 have sold more than 2,000,000 copies worldwide and in 2013, his latest book, Metro 2035, will also be available outside of Russia.


Metro: Last Light will be available from May 16 in Australia for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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